The World Traveller Quilt




I never thought this day would come – I made a quilt for little K! She’s been hogging my large thin all-cotton quilt for the summer or insisting on using her smaller winter blanket. So I thought I’d made her one thats appropriate for her size. That girl sure knows how to get her mama to sew for her.

I decided that since this is my first quilt, I will start easy and just piece panels together and sew over the top. How hard can it be, right? well, now I have a new appreciation for quilts and admiration for quilters! Quilting is hard!!!The quilt cotton piece on top seemed to have expanded in size as I was quilting, and i got plucking all over the place and could barely sew the whole thing together without folding the top onto each other.

On the plus side – I managed to use up this bright orange twill cotton thats really soft but too bright for real clothing on here. Its really soft and surprisingly gave me less trouble than the quilting cotton. I used cotton batting from amazon, which i like a lot – apparently the quilting lines can be 10 inches apart, so some of the widest spacing i had was 5 inches, which is quite a lot comparing to some quilts I’ve seen. The panels I got from ebay and some other random place (sold out), and they are absolutely adorable – packed with a LOT of things little K and her future sister can point out and learn about! I used clear threads for the top part of the quilt so that I dont ruin any details on the drawings. I love it! The whole thing costed quite a bit though:

  • two quilting panels: $18
  • clear thread: $7
  • orange twill: $8
  • batting: $9
  • total: $42 – yaiks!!

All in all, not the most professional looking quilt, but I am happy with it and so is little K. When I first showed her what I am going to do with the raw material, she held the two piece of panel and said “oh no, its broken”, and I promised to fix it. Its funny how we have different perspective on things! While I was working on it, our cat would want to sit on the new pieces (she always wants to sit on my sewing), and little K would be a little upset and tell her to get off, “its MINE”! oh my! I can see some sister-ly fights coming up in my future.

p.s. Quilters of full-size quilts – how do you manage to quilt with your home machine? This is apparently a crib size quilt and i could barely squeeze the piece past my machine sometimes…

Golden Linen/Silk Cardigan

I knitted another cardigan!!! The last two I had knitted had been very much well used during the winter/spring. However, now that the weather is hot, I wanted something lighter that i can wear during cool summer nights and fall.



I used about three and half hanks of Elsebeth Lavold LinSilk from When I first got the yarn, I was rather disappointed – its a silk/linen mix, but seems very rough, and has a lot of loose strands poking out. But the color was quite nice and i decided to take a bet and try it out anyways. I am glad I did, because after washing, the sweater softened up quite a bit and loosened up too. It is quite comfortable for the summer.

The pattern I used is nancook, a very easy pattern once you get into it.My favorate version of nancook is this one, and it was why I wanted to use a linen yarn with this pattern. I knitting it up with an xs, and was quite worried because it was very tight around the arm and shoulder as i was knitting. But linen and silk seems to loosen after washing and blocking, now it fits pretty perfectly. I stopped knitting so that its not too long. I think its a good length :)

This sweater took only a little over a month to knit. But during the month I was not sewing anything – I would just bring the project everywhere and knit whenever i have a chance – car rides, 3 hour glucose tests, when waiting outside little K’s room for her to sleep, etc. I am glad I did because I can wear it for at least 5 months before winter sets in! I hope the yarn lasts a while – never used linne/silk before so I am a little worried.

Maternity Linen Pants

My linen quarter pants from last maternity had seen the most wear on the weekend during my pregnancy, and even after pregnancy it is so comfy and cooling, I often wear it during the summer. So I decided that it is okay to make two more for this round to make up for the lack of bottoms in my maternity rotation, and just keep the pants to wear after maternity as well.





I bought a bunch of linen from and and made two pairs – white and beige. I think its actually enough! They are essentially the same as my shorts, but simpler without as much decoration. I love wearing them! Linen pants are really the best or the summer!




Rayon Dress for little K

After little K constantly trying to make wardrobe choices for me (she always pick this dress), I decided to make a dress using the left over fabric for her in an attempt to stop the pestering. Well, it worked. It is her favorite dress to wear, though she really likes it when I wear the same to match her :P

The dress itself was very easy. Top is just kimono sleeved, but because the rayon stretches in diagonal, the sleeves followed the curve of her shoulder perfectly. The closures are along the back seam, and made from snap buttons that my dad got from his China trip. I made it a lot bigger than her size so she can wear it next year, (she seem to only grow vertically the past year), but it seems to fit her very well now, except for the skirt being a little too long and would get caught below her feet during play sometimes.

She actually wore it out to a lake last weekend with a little hat, she looked so adorable and lady-like with the long dress swaying in the wind and her gazing into the lake. She even sat down with her legs crossed!!

Grey Rayon Dress

One of the favorite dresses I have is this rayon maxi dress I made two years ago. It also happens to be little K’s absolute favorite dress for me as well (she likes the blue flowers). So when I had some grey rayon fabric left over from a pants project that accidentally doesnt fit (for now), I made this dress.






Pretty much exactly the same, expect the ruffle ratios on the bottom and made the cup area larger. The other dress still fits fine, so I thought its a good thing to make during maternity. :) I must say, I really love how comfortable rayon is!

Juebejue’s Dad Buys A Vintage Sewing Machine!

Oh my goodness you gals/guys, I have the most awesome dad a seamstress can ask for. One day at 9:30am I got a call from my dad. “Hey, I see this old sewing machine for sale for $20 bucks, it looks pretty good and still works, its a P-F-A-F-F 362, do you want me to buy it for you?” Just a week ago I was cleaning up my sewing room and told myself to get off the habit of collecting old sewing machines, since I rarely touch them after working on them. But this seems like just too good of a deal to pass up!

That night I went to check out the new machine, and wow, I am floored by how silent and smooth it runs. It even come with the original manual and a case! The most awesome part – my dad’s as geeked out as I am about this machine :) He googled about it a bunch, and found out what its really worth (lets just say, a lot more than $20!).



So this machine is not sitting in my collection yet. It doesnt require any fixing (and even if it does, my dad is more capable than me at that sort of stuff), and the Singer I gave/loaned to him does not run nearly as perfect/silent/smell-free as this one. He still needs a machine for utility sewing these days since I broke the very old brother we had (also from flea market, but it was a more present-day machine) when I first started sewing. So he’s going to use this one until… maybe until he runs into another great vintage machine :D :D

The Red Shirt

After finishing the red coat, I decided that I need to make something easy with all the knits in my stash. Since I already got red threads on my serger, I went ahead and made a simple knit shirt from red bamboo knit. Not much to say about this, as its the same pattern as my black top, with a wider neck opening.

I think little K is beginning to steal the show! :) She’s darn good at it too!


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