Winter Skirt Giveaway!

Another giveaway! This one is a pretty nice make as well, when circular skirt was pretty hyped in the sewing world. Unfortunately I realized that a full circle skirt is not doing my much favors since I am short and on the curvy side. I havent worn it for 3 years now!

More details on the skirt here. To fit into this skirt – you will need to have a waist of 25-27 inches (which will make where this sits on your waist/hip a little different), and you should have a height between 5ft1 and 5ft 7.

Here’s something that I’ve forgotten for the past few giveaways. As part of the giveaway agreement, if you would like to enter in the giveaway, I request that if you win, you agree to signup for KIVA upon receiving the giveaway, and lend at least $25 dollars to a seamstress in 3rd world country to buy sewing machines/fabrics. It is something I really enjoy doing, and you can keep lending the money over and over again.

So leave a comment if you’d like this skirt! Also, let me know your country of origin. This skirt is a little lighter than the previous sweaters, so i think the shipping to overseas should not be ridiculous, but still i’d like to check!

2013 Review

Wow, another year has passed by, I hope everyone’s having a great holiday so far! This year had been more productive than the last year :)


Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 1.58.48 PM


Project started : project completed : project often worn ratio this year:



Some of the pieces that has seen the most amount of wear:

(The Cursed) Organic Cotton Heaven

I finished knitting a sweater! This time it didnt take a whole year, but still a good few months. This yarn is pretty cursed – I’ve had it for years, and i’ve started at least 3 or 4 project with it and became dissatisfied and ripped the project out. I thought it was cursed but perhaps it just didnt find a perfect project.

(hmm! an all-me-made-me outfit!)

This is a very easy, top down sweater called Driven. The pattern was very easy to follow and I shortened it an inch to make it fit me better. I used Lion Brand’s organic cotton in dusty blue. It is SO SOFT. I just love how soft and cuddly it feels against my skin. In fact I feel a little guilty that I used this yarn for myself and not little K, because this is perfect for a baby’s soft skin. I used up around 6 balls of yarn here, so this sweater costs around $30-$40 dollars for yarn.

The only thing is that knitting with this yarn seems to dry out my hands completely! Have any of you knitters had that issue with cotton yarn? i had been quite keen on finishing the sweater so I’ve been at it a lot, and my hands got so cracked and dry!

So probably no more major hand-knitting projects for me for a while! Time to go back into sewing! I hope to squeeze in a last sewing item before the year ends!

UFO of the year

I usually dont post UFOs but i thought I’d post this one. I havent had too much UFO this year and this one is really not too bad.

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 11.37.11 PM



Yeap! this is Vogue 1316 that I was obsessed with after seeing Carolyn’s version.I used all just scrape fabric since I wasnt sure if the colors will work out well. I actually stitches everything up really nicely – quite proud of the technical work I did here. However, the dress didnt work on me. I cut it out 2 size smaller based on some reviews I read – but I should have gone with my original size for this, as I can barely get into this dress. Also, its not very flattering to have the lighter pieces at the waist. I am not sure if I would try to remake this again, but if color inspiration ever strike again, I know what size to follow!

On the other hand, thanks everyone who entered the give away! The winners had been contacted, please do enjoy your sweater!

Sweater Giveaway!

Thanks everyone for your comments on previous post! I love how almost every comment had the word “ador*” in it! :)

Its been a long while since I did any giveaway of stuff I made. Mostly because after sewing for a while, I realized my skills and product were not quite up to par to be given away! And then later, I would mostly keep on wearing what I made, as I became more aware of my style and improved my sewing and fitting skills. But there are still a few items that I made that I think is good enough to be given away and still not quite my style!

So here we go. I’d like to see if anyone wants my green sweater:

Its a nice sweater but i realized 1. green is really not my color and 2, I wanted it tunic-length but made it hip-length. Its made from a polyester material, so its quite warm (california standard), very drapy, and can withstand a lot of washing without pilling much (from my other sweater experiences, i actually only wore this one once). It can be a little static-y though!

My vintage Chunky sweater:

Not the best picture here since this was probably take 2 weeks after little K was born, I still had a big pouch no matter how much i tried to suck it in. I made it thinking that I will be wearing them with sexy underwear and thigh-high socks, holding a nice warm cup of chocolate milk by the fireplace. Alas, I live in California and it just doesnt get THAT cold for this sweater to come in play all that much, plus our fireplace no longer functions. So even though its my first successful sweater I will have to let it go.

If you are wondering if the sweater may fit you, for reference – I am 4’11 and around 110lbs in those pictures, so if you are a shortie like me, it may be great for you. If you want one of the sweaters, please leave a comment letting me know which one (or both) you want, and which country you live in (so I can make sure i wont be paying too much for shipping). I dont mind shipping them for free to you – but it would be really great if you can send me a picture when you do get them (I wont post them without permission, promise!).

I am a Bunny

I am a bunny. My name is little K. I live in California.

Made another sweater dress for little K – from one of her favorite animals to read about – bunny! 

It buttons from the front because the neck part of her previous hoodies stresses her out when it takes more than 3 seconds to put on or take off. She doesnt love it when its warm because its not 100% cotton and gets pretty toasty. But oh man, the attention she gets in this sweater!)

House Boots

I made this pair of boots to wear around the house. Every winter, i shell out some $$ for a pair of house boots. I get cold easily but still like to wear cute stuff around the house. However, houseboots on the market that I can find are all made from none-natural materials and overheats my feet (not to mention that they are actually kind of expensive). So I looked for a boot pattern and made these. 

I actually bought both McCall 6449 and Simplicity 1958. I decided that I really dislike the simplicity one because the pattern pieces are two flat sides together, without the pattern for the sole (they want you to buy the sole as a notion). So I went with McCall 6449 and really liked the pattern. 

I used left over wool for the shell and left over cotton for lining. The sole has 4 layers – cotton lining, a foam padding (Dr shoe), wool, and suede. It is enclosed with a stripe of the wool material.

Its the perfect comfortableness and makes me feel stylish at home, I’ve worn it every night so far!


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